Technical Guide

Everything you need to know about Clear-Com's Partyline communications platform.

Many sources were mined to create this Reference Guide, including the Clear-Com Analog Partyline Intercom Installation Manual, originally written in 1988 and then revised 1997, product manuals, decades of technical training materials, and our online Solution Finder. This revision includes the HelixNet Digital Network Partyline with the understanding of how the two platforms fit together to provide a single solution. A critical aspect of this work includes documenting the contemporary wiring standards and their impact on the deployment of our solutions.

Download this Reference Guide today to learn about:

  • Analog Partyline Systems
  • Digital Partyline Systems
  • General Analog Partyline Cable Considerations
  • Networking Digital Partyline
  • Partyline Connectors and Pin Outs (UPDATED)
  • ...and much more!

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